This year we have been working at a beautiful country garden in Suffolk. The original cottage is thirteenth century and was a ploughman's cottage. The plot is triangular, approximately one acre in size and has stunning views of surrounding farmland. 

Our inspirations to build a garden, in what was essentially a grassy field, were the beautiful surroundings and the sense of a long farming history. Suffolk is still blessed with many amazing timber-framed buildings. We also went to the Weald and Downland Museum near Chichester to get further ideas.

All of this has led us to create a 'Hortus Conclusus', an old-fashioned enclosed garden with raised-beds and irregular chestnut paling. 

Modern farming methods are extremely productive but take their toll on wildlife, so throughout the garden we are using ornamental meadow mixes which will be attractive and beneficial to pollinating insects and birds of all kinds. We are managing the existing grass areas to re-establish traditional grassland meadow plants like knapweed, cowslips and even orchids.

Artist's impression of the proposed 'Hortus Conclusus'. 

Constructing the mound, preparing the meadow areas and digging ditches.

Constructing the medieval inspired raised-beds, pond, tree-seat, meadow areas and chestnut paling for the enclosed garden.

Summer meadow-flower seed mix, raised-beds and chestnut paling.

We would be delighted to hear from you if this garden inspires you to consider a Design and Build project of your own.